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Exclusive Services

We're Here To Help!

Apart from the Individual and Couples Session that we offer at Complete Care & Wellness Counselling, below is a list of personalized, tailored and comprehensive programs that have been created to support you, your family and friends!

Evolve Engagements
with Margo Thompson

This is a 3-12 month virtual and in-person offered exclusively by Margo Thompson.


This program is for single males and females that are looking for an evolved way to meet, greet and connect with other single males and females looking for the one thing money can't buy - TRUE LOVE.  


This program combines one-on-one counselling, formal assessments and exclusive events to provide the singles in our database with the most genuine, authentic and purposeful experiences and engagements as they get to know themselves and each other.  The program is Christian faith-based and will be offered to individuals (21+) and church groups within the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas.

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Dad's Do It Differently
with Tyler Firth

This 6-8 week program is being offered exclusively by Tyler Firth. 


Tyler comes with a wealth of expertise from his background in child welfare as well as training with the "Dads Matter" program.  The program has been designed to educate, support and advocate for Dad's who are involved with CAS and/or the family court system that need someone in their corner to help them fight for their rights as parents. 


Tyler teaches us that Dads don't do things better or worse than Moms, Dad's just do things differently.  This program will be offered virtually and in-person to individuals, legal services and community groups within the GTA and surrounding areas.

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